How to create Google Short URLs

Shorten URLs using

There’s however a new extension that you may use to create short URLs for the web page you are currently viewing inside Chrome without requiring the toolbar. Or, if you are using a browser other than Chrome, you can use this online service to shrink the URL of any web page using

Internally, this extension (source) sends a POST request to with the user-agent parameter set to [email protected] and gets back the Google short URL in JSON. It would be awesome if the developer can convert this extension into a bookmarklet.
function shortify(url)
var auth_token = getUrlShorteningRequestParams(url);
var urlEscaped = escape(url).replace(/\+/g,”%2B”);“POST”, “
[email protected]&url=” + urlEscaped
+ “&auth_token=” + auth_token, false);
xmlhttp.onload = xmlhttpLoad;

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