FBI Shuts Megaupload, Anonymous attacks FBI Website

American government and entertainment industry websites have been crippled after the “hacktivist” group Anonymous launched a series of cyber attacks in retaliation for the closure of Megaupload.com.

The Twitter account @AnonymousIRC, one the most prominent of dozens associated with the “leaderless” group, taunted authorities.

“We sincerely hope you like your own medicine!,” it said in a comment directed at the FBI.

AnonymousIRC AnonymousIRC http://t.co/IG0U7PhR – you feel censored yet? We sincerely hope you like your own medicine! #Anonymous #OpMegaupload


1. justice.gov

2. universalmusic.com

3. riaa.org

4. mpaa.org

5. copyright.gov

6. hadopi.fr

7. wmg.com

8. usdoj.gov

9. bmi.com

10. fbi.gov

Update : Anonymous has released a statement about today’s attacks.

Update : The website’s 37-year-old German founder “Kim Dotcom” and three other men were denied bail by the district court in Auckland and will appear for another hearing on Monday, after raids on 10 premises across the New Zealand city.

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