How to use the Rupee symbol Download Foradian Font with Indian Rupee Currency Symbol

New Indian Rupee SymbolThe new Indian Rupee Symbol which is approved by the Indian Government few days back.Now the problem is how to use the symbol on your documents and mails?.  The symbol may take a while to appear on the keyboard but users can right away type and use the Rupee character. Foradian Technologies created a Font with Indian Rupee Symbol. It is freely available for download and use.

Thanks to a newly-created font.

  • Just Download the file from the site and save it on C:\WINDOWS\Fonts folder. The file name is Rupee_Foradian.ttf.
  • After the copying the file  open a Word document.
  • Choose the Rupee Fordian font from the drop down menu of fonts.

Type the first character on the keyboard which is on the left side of numeral 1.Indian Rupee Symbol Font Computer key

The new Rupee symbol will appear.See belowIndian Rupee Symbol  Computer Font

DOWNLOAD Indian Rupee Font Rupee_Foradian.ttf

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