Norton Ghost 14.0 + serial

.fullpost{display:inline;} Key Technologies* Creates full system and file backups* Restores from system failures* Saves recovery points to offsite locations* Symantec ThreatCon integration*Features* Full system backup (disk image)—Backs up ev…

Key Technologies

* Creates full system and file backups
* Restores from system failures
* Saves recovery points to offsite locations
* Symantec ThreatCon integration*


* Full system backup (disk image)—Backs up everything on a hard drive or partition.
* File and folder backup—Backs up only the specific files and folders you choose rather than saving an entire drive.
* FTP backup—Copies recovery points to a FTP site for easier offsite backup management. NEW
* Offsite backup—backs up your files to NAS (Network-Attached Storage) devices. NEW
* Symantec ThreatCon integration— triggers incremental backups whenever ThreatCon reaches a specified threat level. Great for computers without virus protection. NEW
* Incremental and differential backup—Backs up only files that have changed.
* EXCLUSIVE! Google Desktop™ integration—Makes data recovery even faster with searchable backup indexes.
* LightsOut Restore—Restores your system with an on-disk software recovery environment—no bootable CD required.
* EXCLUSIVE!: Remote management—Controls other Norton Ghost installations (12.0 or higher) on your local area network.
* Advanced compression and encryption—Minimizes storage space and helps keep sensitive documents safe.

Award-Winning Protection

* February 2006 PC Magazine: Dimension E310: Editors’ Choice Award

System Requirements

Windows Vista® Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate

* Must meet minimum Windows Vista operating system requirements
* Eligible for a free Windows Vista® Service Pack 1 compatibility update†

Windows® XP Home/Professional

* 300 MHz or faster processor
* 256 MB (512 MB recommended) of RAM
* 400 MB of available hard disk space
* Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0
* CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive for software distribution on media
* Super VGA (800×600) or higher–resolution video adapter and monitor

Supported File Systems and Devices

* FAT16, FAT16X, FAT32, FAT32X
* Dynamic Disks
* Linux® EXT2/3 and Linux Swap Partitions

Supported Hard Drives and Removable Media

* CDR/RW and DVD+-R/RW drives
* USB and FireWire® (IEEE 1394) devices
* Iomega® Zip® and Jaz® drives


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