Apple App Store Suffers Hack Attack

Apple has long cultivated a corporate culture and marketing machine built around an argument that the traditional security rules and obligations don’t apply to their unique proprietary technology and infrastructure. From time to time, this theme has worn thin. For example, on July 6th, 2010, Apple said that “it removed a seller from its online applications store after discovering that he gamed the store’s sales ranking system to make it appear as though his e-books accounted for 42 of the site’s top 50 electronics books.” After arguing that the successful hack involved no risk to its customers, Information Week reported that “Apple cautioned its customers to be vigilant for suspicious transactions,” and “We (Apple) also recommend that you change your iTunes account password immediately.” The recommendation that all its millions of customers change their passwords immediately suggests that this breach was materially more serious than Apple has admitted. All organizations, The Principal included, depending on Internet-connected customers and partners, must remain vigilant concerning their security practices in order to effectively resist the real threat of attack. Hope — or a slick marketing campaign — is not an effective risk management strategy.

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