5 ways to keep employees

The ideal new employee will help grow your business, while the wrong choice can be an expensive mistake. Check out our essential list.
1. Trust them. Give your employees responsibility and authority. Show them what has to be done and the standards you want them to meet. Then let them do their jobs.
2. Offer them the opportunity to grow. Although some people are content to do the same tasks year after year, most people would prefer to learn new skills and get more responsibility over time.
3. Communicate. When everyone on your team knows what’s going on, you increase the chance of success. Even short meetings can help keep you and your employees in sync.
4. Recognize effort and accomplishment. People thrive when they feel appreciated, and a simple ‘thank you,’ can make your staff feel that they’re valued contributors. Recognition is a strong motivator of employee behavior.
5. Reward accomplishment. Even small rewards—whether cash, promotions, time off, gifts, something as simple as a candy bar or certificate of achievement—show appreciation.

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