Black Ops 15th Prestige Level 50 Hack PS3 – TUTORIAL

NOTE: TO DO THIS YOU HAVE TO HAVE PS3 CUSTOM FIRMWARE Its best to do this on a new account as sometimes it does not work on a account which you have already played black ops on download links: modded EBOOT file – file manager : 1.Go Into File Manager and go on hdd0 – game – your BLES code (located on the side of you black ops case) -USRDIR then replace the EBOOT.BIN file with the one that you downloaded and put on a memory stick 2.Now Goto Your Fresh New PSN Account Start a Black Ops-Multiplayer Then Start A Split Screen Match, Wait Till The Game Fully Starts And Your Able To Move Now Go Ahead And Press The Select Button On PS Remote. 3.It Should Freeze For Like 1 Second And Restart The Match If Not Start From Step 1 Again. Now Quit The Game And On The PS3 Go Under Games And Goto “Game Data Utility” Locate Black Ops Press Triangle And Delete The Patch. 4.Now Go On Black Ops Agian And It Should Ask You To Update, Just Update Install BLah BLah. Go To Multiplayer,PSN It Should Say Your stats Have Been Reset. MY ASS LOL Proceed to Player Match And You Now Have 15th Prestige LVL 50 With 9 Billion CoD Points Have Fun. any question post a comment i will reply to them all 🙂 thank to for helping me out

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