Bing in Space!

The Bing logo was recently spotted gracing the side of a rocket ship at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. No, it’s not the start of some inter-galactic advertising campaign for Microsoft’s new search engine, it was the result of a new partnership with an imagery company called DigitalGlobe. Last week, the company was launching a new WorldView-2 satellite on a Delta II rocket, the results of which will be an increased amount of imagery for Virtual Earth and Bing Maps.

In conjunction with the satellite’s launch, the Bing Team announced the launch of Mission: 10000 Rockets, a program for schoolchildren which aims to teach them about rockets and rocketry. They’re asking 1000 students to submit the rocket design of the future and send it in to them. Then, a panel of scientists from across the U.S. will judge the designs and pick winners whose rockets will be turned into 3-D models. Also, all 1000 drawings will be made into a book whose sales proceeds will be given back to the schools. In addition, eight of the participating schools will be chosen at random to receive $5000 each.

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