Best hands-on of 2009: We get tactile with tech

This year saw the launch of the HTC Hero, the Apple iPod Nano with a camcorder, the resurrection of the Sony Walkman with the Sony X Series and Guitar Hero went metal. T3 was there to snap it all and here is our round-up of the best hands-on of 2009.

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reviewExclusive PSP GO hands-on
The sexiest of the PSP incarnations. Loaded with a 16GB flash memory for all your music, games and videos, replacing the unpopular UMD format, so all new content will be downloaded over the WiFi connection. There’s also a 3.8-inch screen and Bluetooth built-in.  Take a closer look…

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reviewExclusive DSi hands-on
It may be nowhere near a handheld gaming revolution, but with two cameras and an SD card slot it was worth directing our snapper towards it. Take a closer look…

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reviewPanasonic LUMIX GF1 hands-on
We loved the retro inspired Olympus Pen-1, so the G1 certainly has the looks. Add to this the fact that it’s the world’s smallest and lightest system camera with a built in camera and we have a winner.  Take a closer look…

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reviewSony VAIO X Series hands-on
With a paper-thin chassis but a wad of features, X marks the spot for Sony. In IFA, Berlin, this year, we hot-footed it to the Sony stand to nab a sneak preview hands-on. Take a closer look…

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reviewExclusive Guitar Hero: Metallica hands-on
We couldn’t miss out on the chance to jam with Lars, James, Kirk and Robert. Chris flew accross to the states to get an exclusive look at the new game. Rock on. Take a closer look…

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reviewApple iPod Nano hands-on
The world’s most popular MP3 player just got better. Billed as a competitor to the Flip Mino, the added "free" camcorder was a stroke of genius.   Take a closer look…

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reviewSony VAIO P Series hands-on
This coat-pocket-sized marvel of modern physics weighs just 639g, fits some serious specs into its tiny frame and is sexier than any damn netbook on the planet. Sadly, starting at a preposterous £849, it’s about four times as expensive as most of them too.  Take a closer look…

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reviewLG Watchphone hands-on
Since peeking out from under LG’s shirt cuffs in January, we’ve been desperate to wrap the LG watch phone around our own wrists. We managed to sneak a peak in August, and we got very Dick Tracy. Take a closer look…

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reviewHTC Hero hands-on
The biggest suprise of 2009 by far. As well as taking the top gong of The Best Gadget of 2009 at the T3 Awards, the Hero also let us get up close and personal with it.  Take a closer look…

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reviewSony MHS-PM1 hands-on
Trumping the Flip Mino HD, Kodak ZX1 and the Creative Vado HD, this bantam is the world’s smallest 1080p camcorder. Do all good things come in small packages?  Take a closer look…

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