Be offers broadband for just £7.50 a month

Helping you save a little cash after the bank-busting festive period, Be Broadband is now offering its budget Be Value package for just £7.50 a month.


The service which was originally priced at  £13.50 a month, is available on an annual contract with free set-up and a data cap of 40GB per month.


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Download speeds are the widely adopted "up to 8Mb" and customers who use more than 40GB "regularly", will be asked to move to an unlimited package, says Be.


As a launch deal, though, the service provider is offering unlimited usage until 30 June 2010. Be Value also comes with a free wireless modem and free tech support.


It’s not quite the cheapest UK broadband deal currently on offer – it’s beaten by the Plusnet Value package at £5.99 per month.


The Plusnet Value package is capped at a lower 10GB of data per month, although any usage between midnight and 8am won’t count towards your monthly allowance.


But before you contemplate jumping ship from your current internet provider, the bargain broadband service does not cover the whole of the UK. To get access, you’ll need to jot your phone number into the form on the Be website to see if you qualify for the cheap as chips package.


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