Maharashtra Pune Bomb Blast German Bakery, Pune ( Koregaon Park )

Pune: Koregaon Park area in Pune city of Maharashtra has witnessed a bomb blast on Saturday evening around 7 o clock, which left at least 10 people have been killed and 33, including some foreigners, wounded. The blast took place in a bakery near Osho Ashram.

The central Home Ministry has confirmed the blast and sources said this was a improvised device which was kept in bag.

The explosion took place at the German Bakery in Pune.

Pune Police Joint Commissioner Rajendra Sonawane said that the explosion could be a bomb blast as the area is frequented by tourists specially foreign nationals.

“It is a suspected bomb blast. However, it is still not confirmed,” said Sonawane after saying that eight people have died in the explosion.

Police suspect the explosion to be a bomb blast because the bakery is close to a Jewish centre, Chabad House, in Koregaon area of Pune.

At least 33 people have been injured in the blast and have been taken to hospitals.

“We are verifying the nationality of the dead. The injured have been admitted to Sasoon, Jahangir and Inlack Budharani hospitals,” said Sonawane.

Maharashtra ATS officials have already arrived at the spot to help in the investigation.

Initial reports had said that a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder had exploded. The entire bakery was engulfed in flames and several fire tenders were rushed to the spot.

The area, situated near the Osho Ashram, is very popular with both foreign tourists as well as residents of Pune.

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