[ASUS Eee Pad Transformer] [Tutorial] install ClockworkMod Recovery + Custom ROOTED Rom (

Vietnamese here: if you got problem with Rooting or Install ClockworkMod Recovery after install the latest, so this is the TUT for you: – Status before follow our TUT: ur using the firmware (pls update to if you want to follow this TUT), no ROOT, you need another laptop or PC connect to our tablet using the usb cable – Download file pc_suite here: , unzip, install and wait for it auto download all the needed driver + software for your laptop, when done reboot your laptop. – Download the Android SDK here: , unzip it, let’s say c:\SDK inside c:\SDK\Tools you can find the adb.exe so it’s good to go as my video – Via your laptop open the first cmd windows, type cmd @ run, then type c:\sdk\tools – If your can see some array of number after type “adb devices” (all the command pls copy and paste without “”) then your laptop connected to your tablet. – Download the BLOB_V5 here: then extract all files inside to c:\sdk\tools 1 – back to the cmd window type: “adb push gingerbreakBB /data/local/” 2 – “adb shell” 3 – “chmod 777 /data/local/gingerbreakBB” 4 – “/data/local/gingerbreakBB” 5 – wait around 10′ if the gingerbreak return for you as the # (compare with the $ before) that mean it’s done. If it’s just return the $ so you must do as below 5a – “rm /data/local/*” 5b – power off the phone and then power on again, boot to Android repeat the step 1-4 again until you got the # (temporary root) 6 – Leave this cmd windows alone, open

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