Archos Android Phone Tablet on the way?

Archos, best known for its impressive Apple PMP alternatives could be set to unveil a tablet phone device after a listing on a case manufacturer’s website appeared to suggest the smartphone/tablet hybrid is on the way.


Noreve, the case manufacturer in question links to a page listed under ‘upcoming products’ where the Archos Phone Tablet Tradition leather case is said to be “either in the manufacturing process or out of stock. It will be available on-line very soon.”


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While it is by no means concrete evidence that the Android-powered device hotly-tipped to appear in 2010 is being readied by the French company, a quick scan of the site shows that the same message featured on similar pages is for new products or products expected to launch in the near future.


So far, we know courtesy of pictures shown off at an Archos event in Paris last September, that the smartphone device will have a 1Ghz ARM CPU, a 4.3-inch touchscreen, Wi-FI BGN and measure in at just 10mm thick. The device is also said to add HSDPA/HSUPA 3.5G for connectivity and is speculated to have similar sized memory storage as the Archos 5 tablet.


With Mobile World Congress just around the corner, this could be a good opportunity for Archos to show off its debut smartphone device, and with the kind of specs that should put it in good company with the Nexus One and the Milestone, we will be keeping a firm eye on Archos-related events when we head to MWC next month.


Link: SlashGear


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