Apple iSlate tablet to launch late Jan?

It appears that even though Apple is snubbing CES this week, the Californian company is still grabbing the headlines.

According to reports from the Wall Street Journal, Apple is preparing to launch a tablet which will inevitably be called the iTablet or iSlate.

Is this an Android 2.1 tablet from Motorola

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Rumours suggest that the tablet will have 10 or 11-inch touchscreen allowing users to watch movies and television shows, play games, surf the web and even read electronic books and newspapers – Kindle style.

An official announcement from Apple is expected to be made in San Francisco on January 27 and it could go on sale as early as March. The Apple tablet could shape up to be the hottest gadget of 2010. Lets just hope that the rumoured $1000 price tag is exact that – a rumour.

If the design features have been sorted out, the mind boggles as to why Apple have chosen not to unveil the tablet at CES, when it seems like the perfect stage to showcase such a unique piece of tech….

Link: Apple Insider

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