App Week: We7 comes to Android, Kylie app for Nokia


Look out Spotify, We7 comes to Android
Until now, Spotify has ruled the Android music streaming roost, well with a two-week free trial there’s no reason not to give the We7 app a try. With limitless downloadable offline playlists and perfect syncing with your PC, it certainly gives the wee green circle a run for its money. More on the We7 for Android app.


VLC broadens the iPad’s video library
We love VLC, it’s saved our asses on so many ocassions. Every time we get an obscure video codec through that QuickTime or Windows Media Player turns its nose up at, VLC comes to the rescue, so it’s great to see it come to a platform that’s not just tightly closed, but locked and bolted with cast iron. FLVs on iPad here we come…


Run the London Marathon… on a treadmill?
Yes, that’s right, the Fun Run Trainer iPhone app syncs with your running machine to provide real-time satellite video of over 200 popular courses, complete with inclination information so you can adjust the treadmill accordingly. You don’t get a medal or to be interviewed by that Claire Balding woman for wearing a stupid outfit though.

The best of the worst
Amid all this talk of fantastic new apps with great functionality, how about a word for the pointless timekillers out there. The apps that offer nothing but a means of distraction from the mundaneness of life? Check out the ten most pointless iPhone apps here

App of the Week | We7 for Android
Music streaming service comes to Google phones to take on Spotify
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One of the best mobile apps anywhere has pit-stopped at the Nokia Ovi store and sped right into poll position in the chart. The 2010 timings app sends the same data from pit lane straight to your handset. Brilliant and well worth this five star review

Heart Rate for Android?
This is a new one on us. Using a smartphone app to measure your heart rate. Place your finger in front of the camera lens, and the app guesses your heart rate based on the shade of your skin. Quite accurate too, according to our review

La la la, la la la la la
Just what we’ve always wanted. A Kylie Minogue smartphone app serving up news pictures, tours information and much, much more.  From the same school as the Katy Perry app, why not give this free application a quick download?


Link: T3 App Chart

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