Amon RA’s 1.5.2 Recovery and How To Use SwitchROM! =D

If you flash custom ROM’s you NEED TO WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!! So happy to be able to share this with everyone! This will basically make the life of the “flashing addict” SOOOO much easier! =D Things like partitioning your sd card has never been easier! =D Also, now you can make COMPLETE backups (apps, settings, recovery, EVERYTHING) of your favorite ROMs!!! So now you can return to them after trying out something new! No reason not to flash a new ROM now =) To flash the new recovery just put it on your sd card (not inside any folders) Then open up Terminal Emulator and type this in: su flash_image recovery /sdcard/amonra152.img reboot recovery To use SwitchROM you need to go into recovery and select “Enter Console” then press enter Here are the commands you will need.. To save a ROM to your sd card: switchrom -s (pick whatever name you want for the ROM) For a list of saved ROMs on your sd card: switchrom -L To restore a saved ROM: switchrom -r (rom name) To delete a ROM you have saved to your sd: switchrom -d Download Amon RA 1.5.2 recovery here! Follow me!

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