Adobe’s Magical ‘Content Aware Fill’ Bends Pixels to Your Will

pscs4Adobe is already counting down to a new version of its creative suite, with updates for Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop and other apps common in the web designer’s toolkit. While the company is characteristically tight-lipped about new features, it is showing off a mind-bending new tool for Photoshop — content aware fill.

Like the content aware scaling (AKA seam stitching) in the current version of Photoshop, content aware fill is about intelligently adding, removing and changing objects in an image based on what’s around them. While that sounds fairly prosaic, seeing it in action will blow you away.

The video above starts a bit slowly (photographers would no doubt argue, realistically), if you just want to see the crazy stuff skip to the halfway point.

As always Adobe isn’t saying the content aware fill will be in Photoshop CS5 (due next month), but that’s really their way of saying it will be in Photoshop CS5 because no company in its right mind would show off these features and not deliver them shortly thereafter.

If you’re interested in learning more about the tech behind the content aware fill features, check out the Adobe website which features another, earlier demo movie.

If the content aware fill whets your appetite for CS5, well you don’t have long to wait. In fact, thanks to Adobe’s CS 5 countdown site we can tell you you only have 17 days, 00 hours, 00 minutes and 49 seconds as of this writing.

Normally we’re not ones for promo sites, but this one is notable because Adobe created the entire site without any gratuitous Flash elements. See, Adobe is embracing the modern web.

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