9.000+ Hackers Unite in Protest Megaupload Closure and warn of future attacks

Things seem to have calmed down considerably since last night, when the FBI, the Department of Justice, the French Hadopi, record labels and others went offline after a series of attacks by hackers Anonymous.Several of these, specifically the large government websites are back online, but warns of further disruption Anonymous and its members continue to grow. Yesterday, through the twitter feed YourAnonNews, Anonymous said more than 5,000 people joined in its denial of service attacks on websites. But now the attack has gone viral: the number updated by Anonymous Today more than 9,000. DDoS attacks on a site involving a number of users who persistently requests a destination site. The target site is overloaded and shuts down. DDoS benefit from many sources of action, while the site are based on hacks hackers get past firewalls ecrypted based access to a site and related records. Anonymous began its attack in response to the closure of the site Megaupload file-sharing, but also as part of their own protest against the stop Internet piracy Act (SOPA), a controversial piece of legislation currently under way through the House of Representatives and inspiring a series of protests online, including blackouts high-profile sites like Wikipedia Getting the “protest” to go viral has had the effect of making it much more destructive in its strength, that will give more fodder authorities in their case against the group. However, it could have been a stroke of genius: it is difficult to imagine how the authorities go effecitvely processed 9,000 people, to be distributed in different jurisdictions and play different roles in which unintentionally became players event.The the attacks, click the wrong link make it even more difficult. Meanwhile, some developments in the low collection site: At the time of writing, the U.S. government and public-safety sites of the FBI, Justice Department and the Copyright Office, all seems to be working normally again. The same applies to three strokes of France, the copyright administrators, Hadopi. However, the police state of Utah, was hacked last night with a public service announcement in support of Megaupload (pictured) is now completely online. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) does not work, but the Motion Picture Association of America is (MPAA). Universal Music is offline, but the IMC is back, and Warner Music are again. How will it develop, and if the supporters of Anonymous are seeking solutions to the sites that have started to work again remains to be seen. Meanwhile, more details are becoming all Megaupload, the file-sharing site that was the case opened by the series of DDoS attacks: Renaissance? And like other sites like The Pirate Bay and BitTorrent, which have been closed in the past, seems to reappear in a different form, hosted elsewhere, despite the few links that have been released in the “new” addresses of the sites have not gone anywhere. As my colleague Jeff said yesterday, part of the process of arrest and confiscation of yesterday also attended by authorities to take possession of about $ 50 million servers in different international territories . I would not be out of the question, however, wonder if the dot-com founder Kim and his colleagues did not see it coming and there were some backup plans in the works. Who else is involved?Although the music producer Swizz Beatz was connected to the realization of a music video Megaupload pass with a long list of stars such as and Kanye West, who is not connected to the company, writes Forbes. Megaupload, before closing yesterday, Universal Music sued to force removal of videos from YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG). It is unclear whether this demand will continue in the light of recent events, and indeed still is there now and is incorporated below. What else involved? The people are very innocent, apparently. Ernesto in TorrentFreak notes that a number of people are starting to complain about the way the abrupt closure of Megaupload has also had with him a number of pieces of legitimate research content files, working papers, videos and other personal content posted by them in the cloud to share with others, as part of a paid service offered by Megaupload.

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