20% of Brits thinks Steve Jobs is a second division footballer

A survey carried out by Lewis PR revealed that many Brits lack a knowledge about the most famous tech personalities and key tech terms.


With the intent "to gauge the nation’s level of technology knowledge," Lewis PR quizzed 1,000 Brits on what they knew about the massively influencial industry.


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Along with 20% of people who believed Apple’s Steve Jobs got stuck in as a tough-tacking midfielder in the lower tier of English football, 10% thought he was a trade union leader, while 20% had no idea who he was at all. Bill Gates didn’t fare much better with 3% believing the man behind Windows was infact an American comedian.


Of the 1,000 quizzed about well-known tech buzzwords, 6% thought phishing was "an angling method used by Eskimos," and 10% thought a wireless dongle was a sex toy.


Despite Facebook and Twitter becoming recent online phenomenons, 11% of people surveyed could not name a single social-networking website. Of those who did know their Tweeting from their super poking, 72% mentioned the friend-collecting site over the 12% who name-checked Twitter.


Commenting on the results of the survey, Lewis PR’s digital PR director Eb Adeyeri said "Technology and the Internet is playing an increasingly dominant role in our lives but it is still striking how little is known about some of its key figures, gadgets and aspects."

Personally we’d like to think that there’s a few more tech-savvy Brits than this survey suggests, and judging from the video below, we would question whether everyone surveyed was actually a UK resident and not just a passing tourist. We willlet you be the judge.


Link: BBC




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