103 Shapely Shadows [Photography]

103 Shapely ShadowsThrough absence of light, the shadow celebrates the unseen. And for this week’s Shooting Challenge, 103 of you captured what’s so entrancing about photography that looks at what we literally can’t see.

Lead Shot

I drew, and cut out a little monster on card stock and then rigged an LED light to illuminate him. It took a really long time to get the shot I wanted because the prolonged exposer meant a blurry picture, which in this case, adds to the effect a little bit
Canon Rebel XSi
EF-S18-55mm lens
ISO 400
-Humbert Fleitas

Interesting Interpretation

103 Shapely Shadows
Pentax K100D Super on a tripod with kit 18-55mm lens
Exposure- 1.6 seconds
F-Stop 7.1
43mm focal length
“used long exposure and flashgun fired by hand and to the left of the camera
the angle was low to enhance the details of the shadows behind and around the cards”
[Ed: I liked the idea of celebrating a “shadow” through exposure as much as lighting.]
-Ben Hay

Simple But Fascinating

103 Shapely Shadows
Canon t2i
Kit lens
ISO 400
1/20 sec
[Ed: Every time I look at this photo, though simple, I note something new.]
-Brian Freeman

Artsy Architecture

103 Shapely Shadows
Canon Rebel XT (handheld) f/4.5 1/1600 ISO 200 22mm focal length.
“it was about 4:30PM in a parking garage near where i work”
-Noah Garbarino

Most Meme

103 Shapely Shadows
Panasonic GF1
Lumix/Leica 45mm Macro
f/2.8, 1/30 sec, ISO 400
-David Lee

Grain, Blur and Beauty

103 Shapely Shadows
Taken with Canon Ixus 970 ISO 80, f10, 1/160 s.
“A self-portrait caught at home… Sunset soft light through the door falling on the white board made this cool soft shadows.”
-Tisa Sencur

Clever Subject

103 Shapely Shadows
Photo of a drum for a music box. Auto settings with 18-55mm Nikon lens on a D5000 body.
-Tomasz Stypich

Sidewalk Sunburst

103 Shapely Shadows
Camera used: Nikon D3000
Lens used: 18-55mm
Zoomed: 55mm
ISO setting: 100
F-Stop: 5.6
Shutter speed: 4 seconds
Tripod used for steady shot.
-Nicholas Dalton


103 Shapely Shadows
Canon 7D with Sigma 18-200mm OS | 18mm, ISO 3200, f/3.5
“Cut out shadow monster from card stock, flashlight used as light source, little sister as helpless victim”
[Ed: It’s just so charming and a fantastic composition to boot.]
-Beau Blochlinger

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Amazing entries, everyone! And if you’d like any of them as a wallpaper, check our flickr page. We’ll be posting our next Shooting Challenge, as always, on Wednesday. Until then, celebrate your favorites in the comments.

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