YouTube Leanback Gets Revamped

Google seems to be making use of the developers time. Google TV, which has gained much user attention with leading TV manufacturers unveiling specialized products to support Google TV, the Google product is all set to get an update. Back when Google TV was officially unveiled, the company announced YouTube Leanback, a customized version of the video site designed specially for the big screen. Leanback has been live since then but with Google TV officially available of TV sets, the product gets some final touches, basically a revamp.

YouTube Leanback Google TV

Google Partners, which are rolling out their products which would support Google TV include:

1. Sony

2. Logitech., more to come

The new version of the site is already live with improvements noticeable. YouTube Leanback differs quiet a lot from the standard YouTube page. Developers have laid emphasis on videos as well as uninterrupted playback. YouTube Leanback previews a full page video at the homepage while we can see favorites or popular at the bottom. Developers have worked hard in order to make viewing video possible with little interruptions.

A search bar is displayed which would await the user’s command.

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