XNA Game Studio 4.0 to Support New Windows Phone

Game developers attending GDC this week will get a first look at the latest version of the XNA toolkit – XNA Game Studio 4.0 – which provides the technology to create games for Xbox 360, Windows, and now, the Windows Phone 7 Series. Shawn Hargreaves posted on his blog about what’s new with this latest release:

  • New platform
    • Windows Phone 7 Series
  • New features
    • Integrates with Visual Studio 2010
    • Dynamic audio output
    • Microphone input
    • BasicEffect has four new siblings
      • SkinnedEffect
      • EnvironmentMapEffect
      • DualTextureEffect
      • AlphaTestEffect
  • Improved portability and usability
    • Collapsed graphics caps into just two profile levels: Reach and HiDef
    • Many graphics API improvements
    • This involves some breaking API changes
    • Split Microsoft.Xna.Framework.dll into several assemblies, to make it more obvious which pieces are available on each platform

Michael Klucher also added a few answers to some people’s “burning questions,” noting “yes, we have hardware accelerated 3D API’s on Windows Phone 7 Series. Yes, we have Visual Studio 2010 integration with our toolset. We’ve even added buffered audio support to the Audio API’s that many of you have asked for.”

You can find out more about XNA news on the XNA Creators Club Online.

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