Download NowDEALSEDISCOUNT ANDRIOD APPGET FREE DEALS AND OFFERS ON THE GO Launches Text Messaging Feature has just launched a new text messaging feature. Users can now do a variety of blog management tasks via the new 77377 (PRESS) short code.

By simply activating the service at Settings/Text Messaging in your admin panel, you can receive notifications when users are added or removed, and when the theme and privacy settings have changed.

Users who choose to upgrade the service for only $20/year will be able to add extra protection to their blog via an SMS-enabled two-step login process, receive new comment notifications with the ability to moderate or reply via text message, receive new post notifications, and publish a post of 160 characters or less.

This feature is only available in the USA, though the team will look into expanding the service to other countries if the feature proves popular enough.  As always, standard text messaging and data rates apply.

What do you think of the new text messaging feature?

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