WordPress and the new Twitter Button

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the new Twitter button, which finally provides an official way to share links to Twitter and display the number times each link has been shared, but how do you go about adding it to WordPress?

If you love messing with your theme, you can use the official Twitter button generator to generate just a few lines of HTML code that can be inserted into your theme templates, but why not use a plugin to simplify the whole process? I highly recommend Simple Twitter Connect. This plugin, or rather series of plugins, will provide a simple yet customizable way to automatically add the new Twitter button to your posts and pages. You’ll also enjoy a wealth of additional features, including the ability to automatically tweet your posts while publishing, display a list of followers, use your Twitter credentials to login to the admin panel, and allow readers to post comments with their Twitter credentials.

Perhaps Simple Twitter Connect is a little bit more than what you need. In that case, try WP Tweet Button for a simple Twitter button only experience.

If you’re a user, simply visit the Appearance/Extras section of your admin panel and select “Show a Twitter ‘Tweet Button’ on my posts.”

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