Woman Travels With Gun To Kill Online Bully


Very few people that frequent the internet have managed to avoid someone chewing them out unnecessarily.  In real life you’d get a nasty look for the occasional round of bad grammar or having an oppinion that differs from someone else.  However, on the internet death threats over something so small are nothing out of the ordinary.  Names that would normally be kept in someone’s head to simmer over later are sent out for the world to see over something incredibly trivial.  Well one woman became fed up with the remarks of one man and decided to take off with gun in hand, ready to kill.

The 25-year-old, Breana, traveled over 200 miles from Kansas City, Missouri.  She was picked up Wednesday morning in Ottumwa, Iowa.  All of that just to chase down Forrest Jamison who made derogatory postings about her on the internet.  By now she’s probably out in the world thanks to her mother posting the $35,000 cash bond.  Of course her mother, Susan Greathouse was also arrested for calling and harassing Jamison.  It turns out some of those crazy overreactors online are just as nuts in the real world.  Sometimes those annonymous bashings cause real world problems.

Source:  Switched

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