Windows Phone 7 Series Gets Its Own Twibbon

If you’re a regular Twitter user, you’ve probably seen a lot of “twibbons.” These Twitter avatar overlays let you put a small icon, often in the shape of a ribbon, overtop your profile image. These can be used to support a particular cause – for example, something political in nature – but have also become a popular way to express your interest and/or fandom of other subjects, like sports, celebrities, TV or movies, events, promos, games, hardware or software, and more.

The new Windows Phone 7 Series twibbon is designed for those interested in showing their support or desire to own one of the newly announced phones. When you support this cause your avatar will be overlaid with a Windows Phone twibbon picturing a small icon of the phone next to the text “Windows Phone 7 Series.”

Note that Twibbon posts a tweet on your behalf when using the service. In this case it reads: “Support Windows Phone 7 Series, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! –” They also auto-follow you to the @Twibbon account, but you can unfollow if you wish.

You can grab the Windows Phone Twibbon here.

(Hat tip: My Microsoft Life)

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