Welcome to the New Decade From Bill Gates

Surprise !? After decades of the invention of personal computer. The most popular world wide known “richest person”- Bill Gates is finally breaking out of silent yet again.

Today marks his return to facebook, his first official tweet and of course his launch of the his “personal blog”. 


Bill Gates has yet set another internet sensation where from the span of one day, his twitter account got more than 260,000 + followers and counting, his facebook has over 60,000+ fans, and yet who knows how many hit his website gets.

Of course all the return to public’s eye with new social media method has a purpose behind. And there is only one purpose that is to promote his Gates Foundation which is basically helping the poors.

As we all know Gates is no longer in charge of Microsoft, and he explains a bit more of what exactly he wanted to achieve in his newly launch blog (which strangely enough has two different domain, one is and the other is just )

In his blog he wrote :

“Since leaving my full time job at Microsoft to dedicate more time to our foundation, a lot of people have asked me what I’m working on. It often feels like I’m back in school, as I spend a lot of my time learning about issues I’m passionate about…I’m fortunate because the people I’m working with and learning from are true experts in their fields. I take a lot of notes, and often share them and my own thoughts on the subject with others through email, so I can learn from them and expand the conversation.”


It is Gill Gates that made modern computer ubiquitous and even today when we talk about computer Bill Gaets is still the top public figure that everyone knows and admires.

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