Weird News: Exploding PS3 kit and march of the robots

Tight gamers loose apendages, warn Sony.
Sony have been busy issuing safety warnings over counterfeit PS3 controllers this week, with cheapskate gamers being told that less reputable goods might, um, “explode”. Yikes.

Giant fish steals camera, does one.

Everyone knows somebody who’s lost  or destroyed an expensive bit of kit in their time, but how many people do you know who have their $10,000 camera stolen by a Manta Ray? Not all that many, we’d imagine.

Win real ife Halo stuff! (In America)

In quite possibly the coolest giveaway of all time, special effects studio Weta (Lord of The Rings) are building and giving away real life Mongoose ATV’s from Halo Reach. You may have come across the studio’s other Halo props in the impossibly cool Halo 3 promo by Neill Blomkamp

4Chan break the internet…again
Inexplicably popular message board 4Chan were back in the news this week. Giving cause for celebration to those of a low opinion of copyright and questionable moral fibre, 4chan led a massive DDoS attack against various organisations in the American music industry.

Chickens inspire Yahoo server facility
Yahoo have a new server facility! Fairly standard fare, except that it’s based around…chicken coops. The entire complex is based around natural and low energy cooling solutions, all of which are taken from your run of the mill chicken farm designs. Bizarre stuff, but also very cool (*cough*)

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