Use zoomZOOM to View Larger Images on Websites

Have you ever felt the need to enlarge an image on a website? Say on Facebook, somebody has posted something on your friend’s wall; you cannot make sense of their profile picture because in its small thumbnail form, it is not very clear.

In situations like these when you want to magnify an image, for whatever reason, and do it in the fastest way, a great tool that can be used is zoomZoom.

zoomZOOM is a simple extension for the Google Chrome browser that lets us instantly view the larger versions of the images we hover our mouse pointer on.

After installing the extension, you will find no icons cluttering your Chrome’s toolbars. Simply head on over to zoomZOOM’s options and select which websites you want the service enabled on.

Afterwards start browsing any of the sites you have enabled the extension on. Suppose one of the enabled websites is Facebook. Below is an image of a Facebook homescreen.

The image in the red box is what we want magnified. All we have to do is hover our pointer on it to have a look at the magnified view.

If the image is to the left of the screen, we get a preview on the right; if the image is on the area to the right, our preview is on the left.

zoomZOOM is a straightforward extension which can prove to be quite handy in certain situations. It would be wise to keep it in our extensions library and if every felt the need for it, enable certain websites and quickly view magnified images.

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