Use ZoomIt to Read SD Cards on Your iPhone


Back with the introduction of firmware 3.0 there was a ton of talk about innovative peripherals being paired with apps in order to increase integration and create an overall richer experience on the iPhone. While there weren’t many breakthrough peripherals in the past little while, one excellent product we found helps bring the iPhone a little closer to replacing your digital camera. That is, if it hasn’t already. ZoomIt is a small dongle that allows you to connect to your iPhone’s dock connector in order to read SD cards. Of course in order to do this you will also need the ZoomIt iPhone app. However, with a pre-order price of $50, and the added functionality of making your iPhone completely SD card compatible, it will definitely be worth the price of admission for those still using SD cards. You wont be able to get your hands on ZoomIt until April. [ZoomIt via iLounge]

The ZoomIt website describes the features of the peripheral:

“ZoomIt is a revolution in managing content with the iPhone and iPod Touch. Combining application software with an intelligent accessory, zoomIt allows you to view, listen to, and share all of your photos, music, video and files on the go without the need to connect to your camera, Mac or PC.”

Perhaps the most notable features of a SD card enabled iPhone or iPod Touch via ZoomIt is the ability to simply extend your storage and make quick, back ups on the go.


Will you be buying the ZoomIt when it’s released? What other peripherals would you like to see for the iPhone and iPod Touch?

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