Tweak Windows 7 Services using SMART Utility [Tool]


SMART Utility, which stands for Service Management And Real-easy Tweaking, is a freeware utility that helps you tweak Windows 7 Services, the very essential part of system that keep your computer up and running.

The tool comes with 7 neat features that make the work managing these services a lot easier. When the program starts, it collects all the services installed on the computer and lists them all in the top part of the window. Simply select any of them and the program will tell you what the service does with 7 options layout at the bottom. With these 7 options, you can

1. Create a restore point

2. Set the service setting back to Default Settings.

3. Set the service setting to Safe Settings.

4. Set the service setting to Tweaked Settings.

5. Set the service setting to Advanced Settings.

6. Refresh the list of the services installed on the computer.

7. Open the File Location if you are wondering where the executable file is located.

If you are still reading, you may be wondered what the heck these Safe settings, Tweaked Settings, and Advanced Settings are? Well, the tool uses the suggested configurations from BlackVipers’ Configuration Guide and presets them in the program for you to use. When you select one of these settings, you actually don’t need to do anything. Just sit back and the program will do the rest for you.

The tool can be simply downloaded and used as a portable application to customize your windows services settings. As I write, the version has been updated to version 1.2a, which includes the support for Windows Vista and XP. And the tool also works in 64-bit version of Windows 7.

However, here comes the warning when it comes to tweak the Windows services.

Tweaking a system has to be done carefully, and more so in the cases of Services. A  Windows service is a long running executable that performs specific functions and which is designed not to require user intervention.

So use it carefully and wisely. It’s always recommended that creating a restore point before doing any tweaks from the program.

Smart Utility from the Windows Club

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