[Tutorial] Jailbreak/Unlock iPhone 2G & 3G 3.1FW (W/Links)

Update: As soon as the windows version comes out I will make a video with step by step instructions, and screen records to show how to unlock and jailbreak the iPhone 3G, and explain how to unlock and jailbreak the 2G, so make sure to subscribe to get the information as soon as I release it! Getting errors when trying to restore? Try installing and using Ih8snow ( this supposedly bypasses errors when trying to restore with custom firmware. This video will explain how to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone 3G, the same steps can be used to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone 2G (first generation), just use the correct firmware. This video will NOT help you if you have a iPhone 3GS or iPod Second or Third Generation. If you accidentally upgraded to 3.1 official on your iPhone 3G you CAN-NOT unlock with this firmware, I’m sorry :(. UPDATE!: If you accidentally upgraded to 3.1 with the official firmware you CAN downgrade your baseband (so i’m being told) by using Fuzzyband. Read more at The Steps: 1. Put your iPhone/iPod Touch in recovery mode ( with it plugged into your PC/Mac. 2. Press and hold shift on your keyboard, click restore in iTunes. 3. Select the custom firmware you downloaded (below). For 3G: 4. Disable 3G if you are using T-Mobile. 5. Open Cydia (after putting in your wireless network), add the repo 6. Add Ultrasn0w. 7. Your done! For 2G (first generation): 4. After the restore is done, YOUR DONE! Your phone should be

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