Tony Hawk Confirms iPhone Pro Skater 2 Via Twitter

In the true renegade spirit of extreme sports, Tony Hawk has taken to Twitter to confirm rumours that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 is coming to iPhone. The iPhone version has been rumoured since back in mid-2009, when, as this IGN story details, a mysterious video appeared on the internet of someone playing the game on an iPhone. The video was removed as swiftly as it appeared, and Activision denied that the video was anything to do with them. The mystery was soon solved when development studio Lti Gray Matter contacted IGN to lay claim to the video, saying that it was an iPhone test demo that they had made using THPS2, and that it had gone so well that they had told Activision about it and were even hoping that it would end up as an official release.

Nothing further was heard about the game until now, when, as reported all over the web, including by Shack News and Pocket Gamer to name but two of the many sites, Tony Hawk himself tweeted the following:

“In the PR world, this is considered ‘going rogue’, but I’m too excited to contain it. This is real & dropping soon.”

And that obviously didn’t go down too well with Activision because Hawk has since tweeted this:

“Fun Police coming at me from every angle for my rogue Tweets. Scheduled marketing plans & ‘viral’ buzz are so 2004… Whatevs, it’s awesome.”

He also posted a picture of someone, possibly himself, playing the game on an iPhone. Presumably we’ll be getting official confirmation of the game soon, now that Tony’s let the cat out of the bag in such spectacular fashion!


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