Tip 720: DST, Times, Time Zones

Surprisingly, things are pretty quiet today. We’re usually bombarded with questions about wrong appointment times right after DST begins and ends. Maybe this is a good sign that everyone has the DST updates installed and the correct time zone and DST settings on their computer. 

If your appointments are off an hour, see and verify that Window’s time zone updates are installed.

If you need to move appointments created in another time zone (either because the computer was on the wrong time zone or because you moved to a new time zone), use the Microsoft Office Outlook Tool: Time Zone Data Update Tool for Microsoft Office Outlook (

You can also use Import and Export to fix times. Set the time zone so the appointments are correct, export them to Excel or CSV format. Delete everything in the calendar folder then set the time zone so its correct and import. This will convert recurring events to individual events and affect meeting requests so we recommend this method only when the time zone tool fails and you have too many appointments to change by hand.

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