TicClick/TicTac Precisely Snaps Active Window To 9 Pre-defined Positions in Windows 7

If the built-in snap feature in windows 7 isn’t enough for you to organize your active window, here are a few more positions you can snap to by using this TicClick/TicTac free tool.

Both TickClick and TicTac are the portable FREE tool designed only for one purpose, snap the active window to 9 pre-defined positions. They also are the system tray utilities that stay quietly in the system tray waiting for the call. A registered hotkey combination is used when the tool is running.

TicTac uses WinKey + 1-9 numbers on the number pad to quickly snap the active window while TicClick uses WinKey + mouse click to bring up the position window to snap.


Both tools are developed by the developer for his own use. Because he doesn’t have a multiple-monitor setup so these two tools are only able to snap the active window within one active desktop. They don’t move the active window between the monitors.

You can also use Gridy to snap the active window to the grid if you want more snap options.

Note that the download link for both tools is located in the middle of this page.

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