The Complete Version of 5 Spots College Ads for Windows 7 is Now Official

As one of our commentator point out that Microsoft has officially released the 5 spots Ads. We cover the leaked out version on early Sept 8th, but at the time there were only 3 out of the 5 leaked out on youtube. As Marty Martin the film producer once pointed out

Microsoft sent us out on a tight budget to shoot 5 spots that would communicate the new approach they’re taking with Windows 7 and how it resonates with college students

Here are the complete 5 College Ads from Microsoft. What’s new ? The Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center are the two new videos in addition to the other 3. One thing that I always wonder is that, why not make 2 more so the number will be 7 again. Since nowadays they are all about the number Seven,from twitter you can #winwin7, to the new student offer got a domain name Probably is the budget as Martin mentioned that limit the production. But over all, I’d say they done a great job on those ads, love the idea to shake the football player as showing how cool is the new Aero Shake is.

Enjoy :)

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