Tetris is best-selling mobile game ever

Tetris, the game which first served as a gaming addiction on the Nintendo Game Boy, has now racked up 100 million paid mobile downloads, making it the best-selling mobile phone game of all time.


Blue Planet Software Inc. who hold the exclusive licensing rights to the brick-building phenomenon, revealed the impressive feat alongside current mobile publishers of Tetris, EA Mobile at a press conference held at EA Montreal.


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Since going mobile back in 2001, Tetris has featured on 64,000 different handsets, and EA Mobile has most recently brought the gaming icon to the cosy confines of Apple’s App Store.


It’s startling to think that the game which was created by Russian-born mathematician Alexey Pajitnov in 1984, and landed on Nintendo’s portable 8-bit console in 1989, is still standing strong alongside more recent EA Mobile game offerings such as FIFA 10 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour.


It just goes to show, for all the gorgeous graphics in the world, nothing beats a bit of simplistic gaming action. Tetris is available to purchase from the App Store for £2.99. Now where is that Game Boy hiding…


Link: EA Mobile


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