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Free Premium WP ThemesOnline TipsSubmit Site FreeCheap JewelrySterling Silver Jewelry

W8 Walkman Android 2.3.7 v019 GingerDX + Tutorial

W8 Walkman Android 2.3.7 v019 GingerDX Xperia Active Launcher Download Link : Tutorial How To Root W8 To Android 2.3 GingerDX Download These File First : GingerDX v21 ROM Just Follow This Step Step 1: Root your W8 – download and unzip SuperOneClickv1.9.1-ShortFuse to PC Desktop – connect W8 to PC (Do not mount) – on your phone [goto] [setting] [applications] select [unknown sources] – on your phone [goto] [setting] [applications] [development] select [usb debugging] – Launch SuperOneClick, click [Root] – If it ask something about Busy Box just click Yes – you will see – [not successful – is your phone software higher than 2.0?] – click [yes] and then [success] & [test su] message (this last part might not appear the same as It’s written here, so just use your common sense to get through) If you are successful in ROOTING your phone – SuperUser app will be installed to your W8. If you are not successful:- (a) check your PC [devices] [usb] to see if your phone is recognized by your PC (troubleshoot PC driver problem) (b) [usb debugging] in your W8 phone settings enabled? Then [Launch] [SuperOneClick] and try again. Install any File Manager from Android Market, such as Astro File Manager. Step 2: Mount W8 (to access SD Card) – copy [Root.Explorer.v2.16.apk] to root of SD Card – using PC create folder [xRecovery] and unzip xRecovery0.1.rar – put the 3 files into the xRecovery folder you’ve

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