StandaloneStack 2 Makes Leopard Stack on Your Taskbar in Windows 7

Windows 7 taskbar is cool but as we mentioned before, it can’t pin a certain things like shortcuts, files, or batch files to it.  It also lacks of a stacking feature like Mac has as well. So that’s how this little tool StandaloneStack 2 comes to help.

StandaloneStack 2 is a free tool developed by Chris’n’Soft that brings a Leopard Stack style of looking to Windows 7 taskbar.

The tool is pretty easy to use, as simple as almost 123.

1. Simply download the tool and extract it to your local computer.

2. Launch the program by double-clicking on the application file standalonestack2.exe.

3. Create a New Stack by simply pointing to a folder that contains applications you want to stack on the taskbar. For example, I pointed a folder called Tools on my desktop that contains most of the applications I use on daily basis to the tool. And click on Create Stack button once you are finished.


4. You will need to Create Shortcut to your desktop after a Stack has been created so that you can easily launch or pin to the taskbar.


5. Once you have a shortcut on your desktop, pin it to the taskbar.

6. And done.

The nice thing about this tool is that it offers a few options that make the stack quite fancy. Not only does it offer two modes for displaying the icons, but it also provides you more options like open direction, sorting options, and a permanent location for the popping up stack as well.

Here is what it looks like opening in Grid mode:


And here is in Stack mode:


Impressed yet? If so, what are you waiting for?

Comparing the other tool 7Stacks we covered before which does pretty much the similar thing, StandalongStack 2 looks nicer and runs a bit smoother.

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