Square Enix’s Chaos Rings RPG Out Today for iPhone, iPod touch

Square Enix has today released the stunning turn-based RPG Chaos Rings for the iPhone/iPod touch. The brand new game has been developed specifically for the Apple hand-helds, and centres around a battle tournament called Arca Arena, where teams of two compete for victory and eternal life. In the game, characters gain levels and earn experience points from defeating their enemies in order to upgrade their team’s combo skills so that they can launch increasingly more devastating attacks.

The game’s unique story of love and loss unfolds based on the pairing of characters that the player chooses. The turn-based battle system gives players the chance to either execute commands separately with “solo” moves, or to “pair” moves and execute actions as a team. By defeating monsters, players can also obtain specific DNA information called “gene”, which they can then equip to learn the monster’s magic and special attack moves.

To celebrate the release of the game, Square Enix is holding a sale in the App store which runs until May 6th, and features such classics as Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II.

Chaos Rings is available to download now from the Apple iTunes App store for €10.49/£7.49/.99.


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