SoundSoap Pro 2.0.1

About SoundSoap Pro
A unique and comprehensive approach combines hum, rumble, click, crackle, and broadband noise reduction tools with a sophisticated noise gate, in a single intuitive user interface. Unlike other audio restoration tools, this streamlined, tab-based interface guides the user through the various tools in a way that yields the best results in the least amount of time.

Hum & Rumble Removal For Low-Frequency Problems: Even the faintest hum or rumble can ruin an otherwise perfect instrumental solo or irreplaceable dialog performance. Need to remove 60 Hz hum, 50 Hz hum, anything in between, or anything a lot lower? This tool gives you complete control over Q (filter width), depth, frequency, and harmonics. And in case you don’t trust your ears, we’ve included a handy hum meter as your guide.

The type of noise known as “hum” is typically composed of a fundamental frequency (such as 60 Hz) and its harmonics, and is often associated with audio equipment being used on faulty electrical circuts, or equipment that is not properly grounded. Rumble is a similar type of noise to hum — but typically occurs at lower frequencies, usually at around 40 Hz or below. Many more features.

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