Sony PS3 motion controller delayed till autumn

Sony’s motion sensor controller for the PlayStation 3 has been delayed from spring until autumn of 2010, the company has revealed.

Such a delay could prove damaging to Sony as an autumn release will see its motion controller, rumoured to be called the Arc, forced into a head-to-head battle with Microsoft’s own, more advanced, motion sensing hardware, Project Natal.

The Xbox 360 device is due to be launched in time for Christmas.


Sony PS3 motion controller rumoured to be called Playstation Arc

Project Natal to hit Xbox by Christmas 2010

Using a camera to track a controller in the player’s hand, Sony’s motion control system is likely to struggle against Microsoft’s Project Natal which removes the need for a handheld controller, instead using a depth sensor to intricately track the player’s body movements.

Following last week’s revelation that the eagerly awaited Gran Turismo 5, the latest offering in the driving simulator series, is to be delayed indefinitely, Sony were quick to ensure its waiting market that the motion controller’s delay was not due to hardware design or manufacturing problems.

Stating that the later release was to provide a large enough available game pool, compatible with the controller, to drive sales, Kazuo Hirai, President of Sony Computer Entertainment, said: “We will continue to work to have a comprehensive portfolio of attractive and innovative games for the Motion Controller, not only from [Sony] but also from the third party developers and publishers.”

While we wait for Sony’s Arc and Microsoft’s Natal, we might just pop on down to the Wii Sports Resort to get our motion controlled fix with a few rounds of Wii golf.


Link: Financial Times



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