Sony KDL-19S5700 review

Televisions aren’t always about getting the latest big screen LCD, LED or Plasma, many people spend a lot of time watching the box from the comfort of their bedroom, where a smaller screen is usually a requirement  – and necessity. Tipping the scales at a mere 5.8kg, this satin white 19-incher from the Sony Bravia bunch is as travel-friendly as TVs get, so if you fancy, you can use it in the bedroom, study or elsewhere.


Its HD-ready 1366 x 768 resolution LCD and frame are supported by an unusual design that does away with a desktop stand; instead the weighted speakers – complete with a lime green digital LED clock – support the entire product despite being positioned slightly behind the screen above.  It’s a great look, and if you want show it off there’s a carry handle included in the box that’s a cinch to attach.


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Elsewhere the Bravia marks itself out as an unusually stylish and skilled TV for a bedroom. Equipped with a HDMI slot on the back, there’s also one on the side of the TV, next to a USB 2.0 port. That USB plays MP3 music and displays JPEG photos only, but music sounds decent – just about good enough to consider hooking-up a laptop or PC to the TV’s phono inputs on the rear, if you want to use the KDL-19S5700 on a desk in a study.


Sony KDL-19S5700: Picture quality


Or you could route all the sound out to a serious sound system via its phono outputs. The versatility doesn’t stop there; the KDL-19S5700 boasts some terrific pictures from all sources. Attach a Blu-ray player and the LCD screen hosts some smooth, judder-free pictures thanks to its Bravia Engine and 24p True Cinema circuitry, while even DVDs are shown with plenty of detail – and, most crucially, bags of contrast.  On our review sample there was a tiny amount of light leakage from one of the panel’s corners. That’s a potentially devastating problem on a bigger TV – and one that has blighted a few Bravias in the recent past – but the KDL-S5700’s diminutive size helps it get away with it unscathed.


While the waif-like KDL-19S5700 is crying out to be carried around between bedrooms, a study or a kitchen, you will need a digital aerial to work its built-in Freeview tuner. Its exceptionally colourful pictures don’t suffer from much digital noise, and if you need to tweak the picture settings, you can even assign separate profiles to each input – a high-end feature indeed.


Sony KDL-19S5700: Sound quailty and conclusion

The 2x 5 watt speakers, too, are a jot above average with a reasonably wide – and very detailed – soundstage created from all sources. They’re hardly going to blow you away with movie soundtracks, but the provision of dynamic, standard and clear voice settings – along with simulated stereo and quasi-surround presets – help make the highly portable KDL-19S5700 a set you’ll want to carry upstairs to the bedroom.


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