Samsung announces new Wave smartphones

Three new handsets are being added to the Samsung Wave family: the snappily-named Wave 525, the Wave 575 and the Wave 533.

The handsets will run Samsung’s Bada OS and will make use of features like Samsung’s Social Hub, which Sammy devotees can get a look at on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which launches on October 30th.

All three handsets will reportedly include 3.2 inch touchscreens and 100MB of storage, which will be expandable up to 64GB with an SD card. As for differences between them, details are still sketchy, but we do know that the 533 will feature a slide-out keyboard,  the 525 will not be 3G and the 575 will feature Bluetooth 3.0.

According to Samsung boss JK Shin, "These three new devices in the Samsung Wave family represent Samsung’s commitment to delivering choice for smartphone users and ultimately democratizing the smartphone market", so we’re thinking that all three will make their debuts with very different price tags.

The handsets will start rolling out in Sweden in November, before releasing in other non-US markets.

Posted by Richard Wordsworth

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