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"Max" <> wrote in message
> I’m hoping someone here has some suggestions on this problem.
> Basicall I have a Windows 2008 server with Exchange 2007 installed.
> Emails to certains domains (but not all) get stuck in the queue and
> are never delivered. After troubleshooting the issue, I determined
> that from a command prompt on this Windows 2008 server, I could not
> successfully connect to the email domains by doing ‘telnet
> 25′. Telnet looks like it connects, but then just sits
> there with a dash on the screen. Telnet eventually closes and goes
> back to the command line. Again, this only happens with a few domains,
> the others connect fine via telnet from the command line, and of
> course Exchange delivers email to these domains just fine. I also
> thought it might be a Cisco Pix issue, but from other servers in the
> same network, but with a different public IP, I can connect to
> problematic domains by telnetting on port 25. I’ve also checked with
> tech support on these problematic domains, and they are not blocking
> our IP or filtering us in any way.
> So the issue to me seems to be somehow with Windows 2008.
> Has anyone else seen this problem or have any idea of where to look to
> resolve?
> Thanks in advance.
> Max

I have several Exchange 2007 installations on 2008 with no problems.

However, since you said you have a Pix, from what you are seeing sounds like
it is indicative of the way a Pix handles ESMTP. Therefore, if you have not
done so already, you would want to disable SMTP fixup, otherwise it will
block ESMTP, which is a Pix feature that is enabled by default as its
"Mailguard" feature, which it looks at EMSMTP as a spoof or attack.

no fixup protocol smtp 25

Read the following for more info:

E-mail and Cisco PIX firewalls

If you have an AV app on the Exchange server, make absolutely sure you’ve
exclude the Exchange folders, databases, translog folders, etc, otherwise
expect problems.

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