Push Notifications on Windows Phone 7 Series

At the Game Developers Conference, Microsoft has been giving attendees a deeper look at the Windows Phone 7 Series platform, specifically as it relates to gaming. Already we’ve seen how games can be developed using Visual Studio to run on Windows PCs, the Xbox 360, and Windows Phones. 

Now, thanks to this video upload from the conference itself, we can learn more about push notifications on Windows Phone 7 Series devices. There are three kinds of push notifications available: raw, tile, and toast.

Raw notifications are when a cloud service notifies an application. If the app isn’t running the notification is discarded. The second type, tile notifications, are used when a user pins a tile to the Quick Launch menu (tiles are the new squares on the main screen). In this case, the cloud service will update that tile with an image URI. Finally, there are toast notifications which is when the cloud service send a title and a subtitle. You see toast notifications on the Xbox 360 today – it’s when a little pop-up appears to let you know one of your friends is online.

After giving an overview, the rest of the talk is devoted to explaining the technical aspects in more detail and providing examples of how developers can use these notifications with their games. The entire video is only a little over 6 minutes long, so it’s definitely worth a look if you’re thinking about developing for the new Windows Phone.

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