PollDaddy And Why They Sold To Automattic

polldaddy logoThe Guardian has a great article online which features numerous quotes from PollDaddy co-founder and project lead David Lenehan on various business aspects of PollDaddy. In the article which is more like an interview, we learn that the company has been cash flow positive since the beginning with revenues doubling since they’ve started. When it comes to competition, there are less polling services available now then there were when PollDaddy launched. The biggest reason for selling to Automattic?

“It was more down to Automattic as a company.” said David Lenehan, now product lead for PollDaddy at Automattic. “We weren’t fussed about selling at the time and had lots of people that could have approached us that wouldn’t have raised our interest. But Automattic then only had 20 staff and an exciting product including, and our software was used a lot – 30-40% of our users were using WordPress.

“It was an opportunity to become part of something bigger and more exciting. It was the right offer at the right time – and Lehman Brothers was collapsing at that time, so it seemed a good idea.”

What a great acquisition that turned out to be for Automattic. Not only is PollDaddy still steaming along, but it’s a platform agnostic service meaning it’s not tied specifically to WordPress in order to use it. While I’m a big fan of Lester Chans WP-Polls plugin, the fact that he is concentrating on other aspects of his life right now has me considering polling alternatives such as PollDaddy. The only problem I have is that I need to leave WP-Polls in place in order to keep the data associated with it. If I could some how find a migration tool from WP-Polls into PollDaddy, I’m pretty sure I’d make the switch. Let me know if you know of one. I’m also curious to hear your thoughts on the PollDaddy service.

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