Palm webOS PDK launches to the public

Palm has announced that a public beta version of its Plug-in Development Kit for webOS which enables developers to build games for the Palm Pre, is now available for download.


Access to the PDK was previously only given to a privileged few games developers which included the likes of EA Mobile and Glu Mobile.


Palm states that since giving early access to the PDK, there are now 33 games on the webOS platform which utilizes the functionality of building games with immersive 3D graphics.




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Now other developers can take advantage of the new functionality packed into the public beta version of the PDK which along with creating 3D games, also allows games built for other smartphone platforms to be made available on the webOS platform.


Those wanting to distribute their newly-built games will have to wait for another Palm webOS update before liberating it from its PDK shackles however.


Palm Pre UK owners can get their hands on three EA titles, Need for Speed Undercover, The Sims 3 and Monopoly as free downloads, with more 3D-toting games set to land at the end of March.


You can head to the Palm Developer Center now to get a little more familiar with the new PDK.


Link: Palm

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