News@8pm: T3 iPad app and Apple facing record fine

T3 has today released a pre-registration website for their iPad edition. Users can make sure they are getting the low down on the imminent release of the official T3 iPad edition. The tablet-based publication will feature all the news from the monthly magazine as well as multimedia content exclusive to iPad users. If you don’t want to miss out then register at


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Tech giant Apple could be facing a whopping $600 million fine after its cover flow technology was deemed in breach of patent laws. Apple is accused of breaching three separate patents by Mirror Worlds because of the patented technologies used to display documents on computers. Apple pleaded with US courts to reconsider but could still find itself coughing up all that dosh. Ouch! It’s not all bad news though, with new Apple TV hitting the UK. Priced at £99 the system allows users to view their iTunes video library on their TV.


Grand Theft Auto IV is going to be re-released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with additional game add-ons. Being named the ‘complete edition’, the game is set to be released in the US on October 26th. In other news from the world of gaming, Fifa 11 has become the fastest selling sports game in history, netting EA just under £100 million. We’re guessing that’s almost as much as Rooney earns in a day.


Nokia have finally announced a UK release date for its new handset the N8. The Symbian 3 powered device features an impressive 12-Meg camera and capacitive OLED display. The phone was actually shown in April this year but Nokia refused to release it on sale until it was fully ready. Hopefully Samsung fans won’t be waiting too long for the Omnia 7, Samsung’s new Windows 7 phone. Hype has been growing as a hands-on video of the new handset has been released. Samsung have released no specs as yet though, so they’ll be keeping us on our toes for a while longer.


The iPad has made its way into the news again today after breaking a record to becoming the fastest adopted non-phone gadget of all time. The device has even overtaken the DVD player and is set to make tablets the fourth largest electronic category going. All part of Apple’s quest to take over the world! And it seems like everyone is jumping on the tablet bandwagon, with tech retailer Dixons announcing the launch of two Android powered tablets by Avent in November. With all these recent tablet releases it looks like we’ll all be getting tablets for Christmas, whether we want one or not.

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