News@8pm: Apple patent tablet hybrid and Sony PS2 TV

Apple has been patenting again. This time it has been caught working on a laptop come tablet hybrid, featuring, get this, a traditional keyboard and transformable sliding display. Sounds very interesting. In more news from the Cupertino Compound, iOS 4.3 is due to be launched on December 9. Headline news will surely be that the update contains a revamped App Store that will allow apps to be sold on a subscription basis. One Apple product that will be consigned to Apple back catalogue, will be the compact wired keyboard that is sold with the current iMac line. Apparently sales weren’t too bonny.

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Android fans will be pleased to know that 2.3 OS or Gingerbread as it’s commonly known has appeared on Google Hong Kong. Rumoured to be the first to pack the latest version of the Android software is the Nexus S, but despite numerous sightings, Google has yet to confirm when it will land. This news will only serve to infuriate T-Mobile’s Galaxy S owners, who yet again, have had their hopes dashed of a bump up from Android 2.1 to 2.2 FroYo. T-Mobile also let slip that punters would install a manual upgrade, rather than the simple over-the-air version.


The iPad price-wars seem to get more intense by the day. Three have now announced that iPads will be available for as little as £199. That’s the price for the entry-level 16GB Apple iPad Wi-Fi +3 number, as long as you take out their two-year, £15 a month data deal to get your hands on one of the nation’s favourite gadgets. One media giant at the forefront of the iPad revolution is The Guardian who have disclosed that they have an iPad app currently under development. They will also be revamping their iPhone app to replace the existing offering with lots of improved features.


Sony have unveiled a brand, spanking new 22-inch LCD Bravia TV with an inbuilt PS2. The Japanese giant are hoping to tap into retro gamers ahead of the Festive period by dangling added connectivity options, including four HDMI slots, and three USB ports and an Ethernet port. What’s not to like. Sony’s South Korean friends and Samsung’s have announced that their Smart TV apps, passed the key one million downloads mark. They were as bold to say that they would gallop past the 6.5 million mark by the end of 2011. Don’t hide your lights under a bushel we say.


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